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Japanese NHK Public Television


Starting in 1987, NHK began full-scale experimental broadcasting on two channels using satellite-to-audience signals. With this, television service was made available in remote and mountainous parts of the country that earlier could get nothing but poor reception. The new system also provided round-the-clock, nonstop service.

In the late 1980s, NHK operated two public television and three radio networks nationally, producing about 1,700 programs per week. Its general and education programs were broadcast through more than 6,900 television stations and nearly 330 AM and more than 500 FM radio transmitting stations. Comprehensive service in twenty-one languages was made available throughout the world.

Rapid improvements, innovations, and diversification in communications technology, including the introduction of optical fiber cables, communications satellites, and fax machines, led to the rapid growth of the communications industry in the 1980s. Government-owned Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation had dominated the communications industry until April 1985, when new common carriers, including Daini Denden, were permitted to enter the field. Also NTT Worldwide Telecommunications Corp lost its monopoly hold on international communications activities in 1989, when Nihon Kokusai Tsushin and other private overseas communications firms began its operations.

By 1992 Japan also had more than 12,000 televisions stations, and the country had more than 350 radio stations, 300 AM radio stations and 58 FM. Broadcasting innovations in the 1980s included sound multiplex broadcasting and satellite broadcasting. In 1985 the University of the Air and Teletext services were inaugurated.

Japan has been the world leader in telecommunications in the 1980s, but this position that has been challenged by the United States' dot-com industry in the 1990s and the emerging tiger states in Asia. While the United States is leading in digital content, South Korea is leading in broadband access, India is leading in software, and Taiwan is leading in research and development.

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