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Special Interest Channels


For relatively remote communities in the Territories (Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut), cable delivery is so expensive that similar services are offered through MMDS technology, instead.

Canadian and American special interest channels are offered as extended cable packages, which are available for additional fees. Sometimes, this is referred to as pay per view channels. In the past, cable companies have engaged in the controversial practice of negative option billing, where a subscriber is automatically given and billed for the new services unless he or she specifically declines them, but this practice is now deemed illegal.

A package of pay TV channels is also available on top of regular cable subscription, including movie networks such as The Movie Network, Movie Central, Super Channel and Super Écran, and American superstations such as WSBK, WPIX, WGN and KTLA (which are often CW or MyNetworkTV affiliates.) These services, however, require a descrambler box.

Cable companies now offer digital cable packages in most Canadian cities, including a number of channels which have been licensed exclusively for digital package distribution. Digital cable also typically includes a range of audio broadcast services such as Galaxie and Max Trax. Digital cable service may also include local radio stations. Where this is offered, it has largely replaced the availability of cable FM service. Digital cable, however, is a service provided only if a customer chooses to subscribe to that package.

History of Canadian Radio Broadcasting

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